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Our Principal Consultant - Siraj Salman

Siraj has been deeply involved in the education industry for the past decade. He started his teaching career with the Ministry of Education, Singapore, educating youths in English Language and Science. He then went on to set up his own tuition agency, Torch Tutors, specialising in training and providing tutors to private homes, student care centres and children's welfare homes. To keep himself refreshed in the industry, Siraj focuses on teaching students with learning disabilities and foreign students seeking entry into Singapore’s education system. Siraj received the best education in business management, working closely with hundreds of businesses as the Singapore Malay Chambers of Commerce & Industry (SMCCI)’s Membership Services Manager for two years. During that time, he has established a strong network of government officials and business owners both local and regionally. Currently, he hand picks a few businesses to coach and mentor towards success. Siraj, with his company, Torch Group has facilitated business mission trips to Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia successfully. A total of 47 participants, the highest recorded by The Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry attended the Johor Business Mission. At Jakarta, he facilitated 22 Singaporean companies getting at least 6 strong leads to pursue businesses with. A hallmark of these business missions is the PULSE Framework. In addition, Siraj has set up various companies in the region and is a member of the leading, regional trade chambers. He is the Chairman of Kuala Lumpur International Chamber of Commerce & Industry - Singapore. Siraj is also in touch with the community. He is the Vice Chairman of Waterway Residents’ Committee and a member of Punggol Coast Inter Religious Confidence Circle. He has adequate expertise in compliance and governance as he practices that in his role as an Assistant Treasurer at Al-Islah Mosque and Executive Council Member at Jamiyah Singapore. Siraj holds a Master Degree in Mass Communications from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and is a WSG – ACTA* certified facilitator. He is also a Practising Management Consultant (PMC), accredited by Enterprise Singapore.

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